After purchasing all these needles I've been brainstorming ways to try and use them up.


  • E6000 glue
  • spike beads
  • earring stud needles

I chose to glue the needles to the middle of the spike, but it can be placed wherever you please.

- AK



Around 4 years ago, I accidentally spilled acetone on my 2008 MacBook computer. Half my keyboard ended up useless. I tried to make it work using external keyboards and copy & pasting, but then slowly other things started failing: USB ports, CD drive, battery etc due to age. I would update HM by going to the library or staying longer at work.

I've finally upgraded! For so long I had gone without a laptop that it's so strange to have one now. I can edit and upload in one go! It's a luxury and a blessing.

To be honest, I had become a bit uninspired. I make things and take them apart. I lay out ideas that never get put together. About once a week I go through my box of odds and ends trying to make creations out of pieces.

With the return of a working laptop, I'm hoping to post more, interact more, and grow a bit more. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and love for this little jewelry blog.

- AK


TUTORIAL: pebble studs

I love stud earrings and how ridiculously easy they are to create.

One place that I can walk around for hours is a big box craft store like Michaels. Even with living so close to NYC and great bead stores, on my days off I still enjoy taking the drive out.

In the clearance aisle there were bags of these tiny pebbles. I really loved the colors and shapes, and thought why not?

All you need are the pebbles, needles, and glue. I'm using e6000.

I bought the needles off Etsy. The pads are teeny tiny and are well suited for these pebbles.

This is also a teeny tiny tube of glue. I bought a set of about 4. I found that when I was using the big tube, little punctures would appear and glue would leak at the creases.

Just glue, and wait to cure and you're done!

I love the different shapes and sizes.

Thanks for reading!



So I have no idea what to call these earrings, so I came up with half-hoops. I like the simplicity and the imbalance of them, I tend to wear my hair pushed to one side, and only made one of each. The other side I wear a simple stud.

These earrings are also ridiculously easy to make, and all you need is wire, a charm/bead, earring backs.

  • wire (I'm using 24gauge)
  • charms/beads
  • earring backs
  • pliers

step one

You're going to snip your wire. I cut a little less than a full loop.

Like this!

step two

First, I just picked and lined out my charms/beads.

I picked lighter (in weight) ones.

Take a loop, and slip your bead on.

step three

Take your pliers, and bend one side up so the bead doesn't fall off.

VARIATIONS: You can always close it off with a loop, press on the wire then bend it to make sure it doesn't fall off, etc.

step four

Slide a backing on.

Now you're done!

The backing keeps the earring level and your beads in place.

Thanks for reading!


HOW I WORK WITH: Half drilled beads

I picked up a bagful of these beads from the downstairs clearance section of Fun2Bead in NYC. I've talked about the basement before, it's one of my favorite places. Basically you walk to the back of the store down this staircase to a room FULL of bead strands, a wall of seed beads, and in the middle are open containers of beads/charms/etc and you can fill a baggie of plastic beads for ~6.99. They have a ton of silver/pewter charms, those and more expensive beads are about $14.99 a bag. If you're looking for plastic beads, this is the place to go.

I've only see one older gentleman down here working it, so when he's on break or upstairs they have the area closed off. Try not to go during standard lunch times and I've had luck politely and sheepishly and apologetically asking to go downstairs :)

Last time, I went a little nuts over these beads because I loved the shape. I'm not sure what they're made of, some kind of plastic I'm guessing. I went a little bonkers over the fact that they're center drilled! I prefer my drops to be center drilled then side drilled.

I didn't realize until I got home that they are actually only half drilled on one end. (That's what I get for getting too excited about filling up a small bag for $6.99. I cleared them out.)

No matter, I won't be deterred!

The things you need to make this work: wire and glue.

So instead of pulling a headpin through, I ended up cutting up lengths of wire and using E6000 to glue them into place.

I let it cure overnight.

Now comes the loop.

Then you're done. I like the smooth look of not having a headpin on the bottom, but I personally don't care either way.

There is a beautiful little shop back in my Virginian hometown that is actually a house, every room being a different 'store' from various sellers. One of the rooms is full of baggies of beads $1 each. I have an absolute blast going through the baskets and buckets. I bought these earring holders for $1.50.

Thanks for reading!
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